Small Employer Plans (2-50 employees)
SummaCare offers many fully-insured plan options to meet the specific needs of our customers. Choose from differing deductibles, coinsurance and copays to suit your needs, the needs of your employees and your budget, and pair your plan with one of SummaCare’s¬†three provider networks¬†available to small group employers.
All SummaCare plans include:
Comprehensive prescription drug coverage
Coverage of adult dependents up to age 26 (Federal law) and 28 (Ohio law)
Coverage of certain preventive services at 100 percent, including mammograms, immunizations, well-child visits and women’s preventive services
Health and wellness services to help you and your family stay healthy
Access to quality providers and top hospitals that are part of your SummaCare network
For more information about SummaCare plans or to get a quote, please contact your broker or call SummaCare at 330-996-8955.